I put the "fun" in dysfunctional

High School Action Sports

  • Football • Field Hockey
  • Volleyball • Track & XC
  • Basketball • Westling
  • Baseball • Softball
  • Soccer • Cheer
  • LaCrosse • Tennis & more

I'm based just outside of Culpeper, VA - but will shoot and create session for ANY school with 4 or more athletes pre-registered.

Special Events

  • Travel /Club Ball • Headshots
  • Corporate Events • Real Estate
  • Milestones • Special Celebrations
  • Please Contact me for pricing 


How many of these will last forever?  

$10-$20 - X-Large Pizza

$15-$30 - Case of Beer

$37-$49 - Tank of Gas

$40-$165 - Hair Appointment

$50-$100 - Game Day Action & Still Photos

$50-$75 - Nail Appointment

$50-$80 - Carton of Cigarettes

$50-$120 - Athletic Shoes

Answer:  ONLY 1 - can you guess which one? 

Only $50 per athlete - per game. Maybe it’s not worth it for you, but are you like me? Have you spent way more on way less? What if during THIS game, it’s your athletes GAME that they have “that moment” you’d wished you had a photo of? 🥴

Sports & Events

I volunteered for 8+ years at my daughters old High School as their Sports & Events Photographer. I was either on the sidelines or in the dugouts yelling with everyone else (louder than most). I'm everyone's Team Mom! I have had the pleasure and joy to capture some student athletes for all 4 years of high school. It's so amazing to watch and see the growth AND progress, both in the game AND life.