My Equipment and Gear:

I'm a Canon Girl.  I have been using Canon Cameras from the very beginning.  Moving from Rebel Film Camera to my 1st Canon 20D Digital DLSR, and now to Digital Mirrorless Cameras.  I'm am currently using my Canon 5D Mark III's and my Canon R6.  I edit in Lightroom, oh and I DO NOT PHOTOSHOP.  Yeah, you read that right!

Time and Preparation:

Most sessions are 90% planed out and thought through (everyone needs 10% to just "wing it").  There is a significant portion of work that happens before AND after the photo session. All the tasks to work on to prepare for a session; client consultations, location scouting, concept development, and organizing people, props or equipment. Oh, and then there is afterwards, the time culling (selecting) and editing the best images, making sure to edit and optimize for MY STYLE and desired outcome.

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